Our approach

In purchase we are forgetting its real added value, and that’s the quality.

As a result of legislation and bureaucracy we have moved processes in the rating up onto the golden pedestal. We have forgotten that the purchase is being made to acquire quality products or services. Simply put, because of the good things which make sense. We in Enteris believe in “good things”, and so we help them. How?

By offering our approach of three TO’s:

  • to enable a contracting authority dedicate its time to purchase of a quality products and services instead of bureaucracy,
  • to give each good supplier a chance to win a tender without making mistakes in banal formalities,
  • to grant a chance to even small businesses or those from smaller regions.

Our approach of three TO’s is characterized by expertise, justice and fairness. We never represent both sides at the same time, in the same tender. We start from ourselves and our own level of morale is set high. We are a consultant who makes its know-how understandable and accessible and this way we empower companies and regions and we set ground for the success of quality. We take pride in helping meaningful and quality projects becoming a reality to improve the life for all of us.

You have always the right to choose. With us, you give quality a chance to succeed.